Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Falling behind here.....

Okay - high school baseball season has started. So, a couple of days a week I'll get to spend a couple hours in the afternoon watching some baseball (not always good ball) and taking some photos. My oldest son is on his Varsity team. He may not get a chance to play this year (rotator cuff injury, currently rehabbing), but I still need to go and support the team. I feel for him and the rest of his senior class because this year's team is young and inexperienced. This translates into a lot of bad baseball and losses. For example, yesterday his team had the leadoff runner on in four innings, and even had runners on second and third with one out and were unable to score a run. My son says that they practice situational hitting, and if they do, they we have a bunch of guys whoa re not willing to execute for the benefit of the team. Should lead to a long year...

I'm also the 'team photographer'. All I've got to say is thank God for digital cameras. Otherwise my film bill would be astronomical! If you want to check out some of the photos, they are posted over on Flickr (I know - I should be using Picasa) at

As far as workout? Today was a cross training day. So, after the game wrapped up, I moseyed on down to the Newport Aquatic Center and got back up on the ergometer. Concept2's "Workout of the Day" was to row 500 meter pieces with 2:00 rest in between. So I queued up 10 repetitions and rowed 7.5 kms. This put me at about 370 kms for the year (a rowing year goes from May 1 to April 30). This is down quite a bit from my peak of just over 1,030,000 meters in 2007, but back then I wasn't running three to four days a week either.

Back to the trails today. I need to figure out some variety to my daily runs here. I'll see where I end up today.

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