Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm Back....

Sorry - I've been retiscent posting here the past few days. High school baseball season is in full swing, so I've had to take some time to watch some games. My son can't play right now due to injury, but I'm the volunteer photographer for the team (you can see some pics at and love baseball, so I'll make some time to go watch. I'm still motivated to run the marathon in June, so I'm certainly not going to give up my training time. The only thing left is my blog time. In fact, I am writing this on my day off (Sunday) with my cup of coffee in hand.

I'm feeling better at the end of this week compared to last. I put in another 30 mile week (24 running, 6 on the ergometer), and while physically tired, I'm sore like last week. One thing for sure - I had no idea how physically strong I had to be to run these distances. I am looking forward to working up to 50 mile weeks at my peak. What a challenge!

This morning I also found a *great* resource - Runner's World. Not the magazine - I am already a regular reader of that. But there are a series of discussion forums on their site. One of those forums is specifically a Southern California forum. I started reading and was amazed at the topics that were currently ongoing - Rock n Roll Marathon, long Orange County runs, etc. Looks like I have another way to whittle away the hours now.

Finally, I ran into quite a story on the Internet this past Thursday or Friday (don't remember the exact day). If I thought I was old for this port, the story I ran into puts me to shame. Evidently there is a 101 year old guy in the UK training to run his first marathon. You might check it out:

Well it's another week to look forward to. I have decided to reduce my training a bit - I think I'll take one cross training day (Thursday) and turn it into a rest day. Especially with long run Saturdays starting to go a little longer now. I seemed to have responded well to that adjustment over the last couple of weeks. I'll keep you all posted on my progress!

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