Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So, after a week and a half of one hour runs and one hour cross training sessions, I am *s*o*r*e. My quads are sore. My calves are sore. Basically every muscle I have in my lower body is sore. I think I'll take tomorrow off for sure.

It was interesting running today. I started out feeling a little tired, but the first half of my run seemed to go well. I reached my turnaround point at 30 minutes and 3.05 miles and felt fine. I slowed down to take a drink (it was another warm day) and then my legs didn't want to move any longer. I forced myself to go for the next half hour hoping to run through it, but I just couldn't. I really had to work to get back to my car. I also came up short of my normal six miles by a couple of tenths. But, I made it back and headed on home.

That's when everything got interesting. Once back at home, I started feeling sore almost immediately. Nothing other than overuse,but nonetheless, its still sore. I changed my post workout drink tonight to get some protein in my body, then had dinner and a Gatorade. I'm sure I'll take a rest tomorrow and then hit the trails again Friday and Saturday.

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