Thursday, March 27, 2008

Schedule Chaos Part 2

Okay - yesterday was supposed to be a 40 minute run on my Cal Coast training plan. But, the day was also schedule chaos from top to bottom. Doctor's appointment in the morning, pick up youngest son from school in the early afternoon, and a CDM baseball game in the mid afternoon. This still usually doesn't create a problem because being light later, I'm able to do a short run in the evening after the game and before dinner. But - the game was a thriller with CDM pulling out a 9-8 win. Whenever scores run up that high, it means that instead of
an hour and half for a game (remember - high school baseball only goes 7 innings), we are talking significantly more time. That was the case. We were treated to almost 3 hours of baseball. At least it was a decent game - the bats (for both teams) woke up and there wasn't the dearth of mental mistakes that normally accompanies high school baseball at CDM's level.

I rescheduled yesterday's run to today (normally a cross train day or rest day). This creates another problem though. This Sunday, I am running in the Spirit Run (10K), a fun, low key run that benefits local schools. I'd like to PR this weekend, since the last time I ran a 10K, I did it with about 10,000 other souls in Dana Point on Thanksgiving. The issue with that race (Dana Point Turkey Trot) was at one point early in the race, I had to slow to a walk as runners funnelled from a street to a narrow two way trail. I ran that one in 1:00.00, and know that I should have been able to take a couple of minutes off of that. But, the thing that I was struggling with this weekend was that if I didn't do some schedule juggling, I would be running 5 days in a row - quite a no-no. So I decided that by moving yesterday's run to today, I'll remove Friday's run, do my LSD on Saturday, 10K on Sunday, and then short run again on Monday. At that point I'll be back on track until next Wednesday when I'll be travelling (again).

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