Monday, April 21, 2008

New 5K PR

Yesterday I decided to have a little fun and run a race. After Saturday's 14 miler, I wasn't holding out for a great run or anything, but it is still fun to do something other than practice every now and then. So, off to Hermosa Beach for the Hermosa Beach 5K.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect. My posting on the Runner's World forum went unanswered. so I wasn't expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised! It was a well run event! Small, but very cool! Sure beat the snot out of Spirit Run. The run was *very* cool. Start was a short uphill, back down past the start line, a mile and a half or so along the Strand, then out and back on the pier. Very scenic run the whole way. The run was organized into a Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's over 40, and a Women's over 30. No race was too crowded. No pushing and shoving. No tripping over people at the start. The finish line was well organized with plenty of food and drink afterwards. Very well run event!

As far as my performance, I started out okay, but the uphill push had me out of breath for a while. I hit the first mile at an 8:15 pace. My heart rate was fine, but it seemed that my breathing was labored, so I slowed down a bit and got my breathing back where I was comfortable. But by then, I think Saturday's 14 got to me, and my legs started tiring. Unfortunately, I still had a mile plus to go at that point. So I settled into cruise and legged it out. I still ended up at an 8:42 pace with a new PR of 26:56. Not the 25:30 I was hoping for, but still a nice relaxing run.

The coolest thing though was watching the L.A Co Fire Department run! There was an entire station that showed up to run the Open Class. It was like watching a scene out of the movie Platoon as they ran in formation chanting the entire way. And they finished in less than 30 minutes! Great entertainment!

This is a run that I'll be back to. Well worth the drive!

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