Saturday, April 12, 2008

Short Run Day

Very interesting these days. Short run equates to 40 minutes. That's a little over 4 miles for me at a pretty easy pace. Looks like training is working after all.

Today I ran long the coast at Crystal Cove State Park. Beautiful sunny day. A little headwind head up the coast, but that of course means tailwind on the way back. Our Saturdays are starting to get long (12 miles this week), so I really took it easy on the pace. All in all an enjoyable 40 minutes.

Tomorrow should be interesting. 12 miles - which means around the back bay. The thing that will make it interesting is the weather. It's supposed to be 89 here close to the ocean. That means the Santa Ana's are setting up, which means hot and dry. I'm hoping that it doesn't start before 9AM so that I can be done with most of my run before it gets too hot.

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