Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Long Distance Record!

Yesterday's long run let me set a new distance record for me! Prior to our 14 miler, my previous long distance was my half marathon back in January.

I wish I could say yesterday's long run was without incident, but I can't. I managed to keep a 10:00 pace through the first half of the run. I took a bit of a walk break to down some fluids. At mile 9 I was still at a 10:15 pace. But, at that point, I just ran out of lungs! My legs actually felt pretty good, but all of a sudden at mile 11 I watched my heart rate start spiking. 160, 164, 166... Finally at 172 I decided to walk for a bit to get my rate to drop back down. I took about a half mile or so off and watched my heart rate drop into the 140s. The bottom line was my ending pace was 10:42 for the 14 miles. Definitely better than my half marathon back in January, but nonetheless was a little disappointed that I couldn't keep the pace the whole 14 miles. I am hoping that by marathon time in six weeks, my tapering will allow me to keep at a 10:00 pace for the entire distance, but it really points out to me just how amazing it is for someone to run a marathon at a sub 6:00 pace!

At this point still shooting for 4:30!

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