Sunday, May 11, 2008

Piece of Cake!

Yesterday's 14 mile run was really that - a piece of cake. I set a pace target of 10:45, near the low end of my long run pace according to McMillan and set off up the river trail toward Irvine. It was a perfect day for running - low overcast, 63 degrees, slight breeze. I had all systems set and ready to go for a final long run test.

I felt real good on the run. I didn't stop until I reached the turn around point at 7 miles. Took my two packets of Gu, drank a few ounces of water and set on my way back. At mile 12 I still felt good - which is a big deal because I have come to dread the last two miles of these runs. It's the mental challenge of the upcoming 100 foot climb over the last mile and a quarter toward the start/finish. So many times this little piece of the run kicks my butt just as I have very little left. I geared down and slowed down to get up and over this last hurdle yesterday. My last mile split shows that - I dropped to an 11:49 to get up over the hill, but I still finished at a 10:36 for the 14 miles. Hmm... maybe a 4:30 is not out of the question!

Here are a couple of pictures of the trail taken last week:

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