Thursday, May 1, 2008

Think I'll Stop and Cough up a Lung...

Maybe there's another reason I couldn't finish my long run last weekend. There has been a cold that was making its way through our house the past couple of weeks. I thought I had been able to avoid it, but no such luck. I started feeling bad on Sunday, and by Monday I was congested and coughing. To be sure, I did not have it as bad as the others in the family had it, but nonetheless, I've been hacking away for the past few days.

I missed Monday's run because of travel. I had to go to Yuma Arizona for a couple of days. I had hoped to be able to make it there in time to get my run in, but I wasn't able to leave until late in the afternoon, so I didn't get into Yuma until early evening. It was a nice drive though!

Yesterday I laced up my shoes and ran north out of the NAC. I did put in an hour, but had to stop and cough up a lung a couple of times en route. Bottom line was that I couldn't make 6 miles (5.92 according to the Garmin). I'll do another hour today, and then take Friday off in anticipation of Saturday's long run.

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