Sunday, December 7, 2008

Feeling Better Four

Yesterday was another four miles around the Upper Bay. I feel like I'm fighting some burnout. I am suffering some sore legs and general tiredness as I finish week seven of this training plan.

The plan called for a twelve mile 3/1 run. But, it was SAT Saturday yesterday, and I had to get my son and niece situated. They have been studying for the test for a few weeks now, and we made a last minute decision to take the test yesterday. There is a way to take the test on a "standby" basis by showing up on test day with check and application in hand. This last minute decsion came about becuaseof some recent changes with score reporting. In the past, all scores at all sittings were reported. This meant that a bad test got reported with everything else and could affect the decision process. Beginning this year, a student can select the sitting that they want to use to report to a college, so scores from a bad test does not have to be reported. This really means that there is no penalty for taking the test many times. And the best practice for the SAT is taking the test! So, I showed up with them at 7:30 AM to take care of business. This meant that I missed running with Cal Coast. Instead, I went over to my favorite coffee house, grabbed a coffee and bagel and enjoyed my morning.

I finally got the motivation to get out of the house in the late afternoon and did an easy four miles around the Upper Back Bay. Once I got going, I actually felt pretty good and finished the run in just over 40 minutes. The soreness went away. Average heart rate was a little high (78% versus 75% MHR).

Today I'll make that 12 mile 3/1 run!


  1. Hi Glenn,

    I've enjoyed reading your blog (went back to your beginning entries from January). I see a lot of similarities in how you and I both got into running. Good luck and keep it up!