Friday, December 5, 2008

Tempo Thursday

Another Thursday, another tempo run. I lengthened this one out to 60 minutes from the scheduled 45. Apparently, this at the current edge of my abilities at this time - I am physically wiped out! My legs are sore and aches and pains abound. I am glad that today is a scheduled rest day.

There were a couple of interesting things about yesterday's run. First off, I was trying to hit LT during the hard part of my run. I had a tough time hitting 90% MHR though. It was like my legs just weren't there. I was able to get to 80% pretty easily, but getting my heart rate above 85% was difficult. Hmm. The other thing that was interesting was that I hit a 10K distance in less than an hour. That also included 10 minute warm up at the beginning of the tempo and 10 minute warm down at the back end. Which either means that my 57.41 at the Turkey Trot was slow, or I'm running my workout too fast. I'll find out next Sunday in Irvine!


  1. I think a 10K in under an hour is awesome! I was just down there for a Turkey Trot in the valley!

  2. Thanks Ms. V. My problem is I am goal driven (it's actually created problems for me in the past). So I guess I'm never "happy" - although I've learned to deal with that in my old age....