Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Four in the Fog

I got my four mile easy run in last night. As mentioned earlier, I had another appointment in the late afternoon, so I couldn't start until a little after 5PM. It was noticeably cool and the fog was rolling in. As I left the car and ran up the San Diego Creek trail, I couldn't help but notice the steam rising from my uncovered head. The run back was even cooler! It was quite surrealistic. Swirling fog. Steam rising from my head. Mist droplets in my headlamp beam. All I needed was the Barenaked Ladies singing the Haunted Mansion theme!

The run was quite uneventful. Since it was a recovery run, I kept my pace slow and heart rate down (73% MHR). I finished feeling pretty good. In fact, I headed off to the gym for some stretching and core exercises (first time in several weeks).

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