Monday, December 1, 2008

Four Tired Miles

My legs are tired. Based on the data from my short recovery run yesterday, my legs aren't the only thing that's tired. I was able to maintain my heart rate at 75% MHR, but I had to keep slowing down to get there. I felt like I had to drag my legs behind me the whole time! In fact, looking at data after the fact, I noticed that my heart rate the first two miles was consistently in the 75% to 78% MHR range. Heart rate on my return trip was lower, but then so was my pace!

I'm hoping I can get out this evening for a quick four miler. I have another appointment at 4PM, so it's highly unlikely that I will get out before it's dark. I'm also hoping that I'm a little less tired this evening. I want to make sure that tomorrow's workout is a quality run.

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