Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just a Quickie

If flexibility was the secret to success, I'd be The Donald of running. On my schedule yesterday was an 8 mile run. It was time to renew my Cal Coast membership, so I met with the group at 7 AM. By the time we were done socializing, it was pushing 8 AM, and the group had a four mile run on the schedule. So, I flexed yet again, and did Sunday's 35 minute tempo run instead of Saturday's scheduled 8 miles.

This run actually felt really good. No. Like REALLY good. I put in a couple of miles at sub 8:30 pace, and ended up the day with a 9:15 pace including the climb back up the hill to CDM. I'm hoping this is a glimpse of things to come at next Sundays' 5K!

Off now to finish up yesterday's eight miler.

P.S. - akaAlice - Yes - Bishop. As in Bishop California. On the way to Mammoth. All the advantages of the Sierra Nevada without having to shovel snow.


  1. That sounds like you were really moving, good luck next week! I'd say you could definitely do a 25-26minute 5K if you did that!!

  2. It's fun to switch up those workouts...remember, own the plan, don't let it own you! Sorry, that just snuck out. Glad your run went well anyway! Hope Bishop was nice!

  3. it's nice to have the extra room to be flexible without a rigorous training schedule!

    i thought "bishop" from your previous post = something to do with catholic church. lol.