Friday, March 5, 2010

Taper Madness - Day 3

Let's see. Where do I start. First off, something that Adam (I Am Boring) left in a blog comment yesterday about taper time makes a lot of sense:

"...most people will say to keep the same intensity (speed) as before just reduce the volume. I like that a lot - keep you legs moving at the same speeds that they are used to."

That makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways. I mean it takes doing something for 20 days to make it habit, right? Can you forget a habit by *not* doing it for 20 days? 21 day taper? Hmm.

So, I kept my date with the hills yesterday and did my final hill repeats before the Big Day. Two mile warm up, 6 hill repeats (1/4 mile, 110 foot gain, followed by a walk/slow jog back down) and a 1 mile warm down. Oh yeah. Remember that stuff I wrote about yesterday? About watching my pace? I'm thinking 10:15 - 10:30 pace for race day. Pace on my first two miles? 9:30. FAIL!!!! Well - that's what these couple of weeks are about.

Today's taper gem - diet. The first week of taper means protein should be making an appearance in our diets. Time to fuel to repair damage from what should have been a hard final week leading to taper. Let's see - Monday dinner - pasta with meat sauce. Check. Tuesday - roast chicken and broccoli. Check. Wednesday - barbecued tri tip. Check. Thursday - soy chorizo with eggs and refried beans. Check. So far so good! (Of course, I fail to mention the ice cream that has been inhaled as well.....)

I have a rest day on the schedule today. I seem to have quite a few of those recently. Well, maybe not. I think the butterflies are starting to appear. This is common for even seasoned marathoners. The best advice for dealing with the butterflies came yesterday from Jill (Run With Me):

"What helps me is to make a list of all my anxiety and list who has control of it and how I can control what I can."

I've got my pen and clipboard out. Thanks everyone for putting up with me for the next three weeks!


  1. I heard that tapering before a marathon can be a high anxiety experience because you are use to doing so much. Time is getting closer and you are getting anxious. I would almost imagine that you are ready to get this thing over with? I wish you the best in that.

  2. hold up...I was under the impression that taper = ice cream. If that's not the case, then I have no business training for this g.d. marathon. :p

  3. Well, it's (runwithjill) not "me" but thanks for the link - haha :). You'll be surprised what you do have control of when you start sorting your list out. I get so snappy at everyone as I go through the process but they just learn that this is part of the whole package. You're going to do great, just take some deep breaths :)!! Have a great weekend!

  4. I agree with Jill, take some deep breaths and relax. It's just a marathon and you can control it, it can't control you.

  5. I kind of see this taper time as the little present we give our body and mind before the big show! We've taken so much away from our bodies, namely energy, that it deserves a big hug and a kiss(rest and lower intensity). Mentally, I really can't even "go there" until the day before the race. I can get too excited, anxious, nervous and start thinking too much. I know exactly how you feel...try to enjoy these days!

  6. Hi Glenn,
    I want to come to your house for dinner some night! It looks like Glenn gets the good stuff to eat:)

    You are going to be just fine Glenn. Just take a deep breath and smile:) Happy weekend!

  7. Glenn, Blogger's not letting me comment so here's try #2.

    Be careful with changes to your diet this close to race day. Traditional carbo-loading is crafty. You need to ease into it since your body may wonder what's up with all the protein and then all the carbs. I'd recommend doing so more modestly to keep from your digestive system backing up on race day.

  8. you need to shorten your taper - i don't know if i can put up with you for two more weeks of this ;)

    protein? you should totally load up on fiber. i hear that's really good before a run! (kidding!! in case for any reason you thought i was serious)

  9. Finally getting caught up....

    Too funny about Jeri's comment. For me, taper DOES usually mean Ice Cream.

    Hopefully you're keeping your taper madness in check.

    You know, loading up on fiber would make for AWESOME blog posts.