Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wow. Where Did THAT Come From?

Yesterday I was talking about my plans for the coming week. Today everything has changed. Remember that cold I had a week and a half or so ago? Well, it’s back with a vengeance. I just got back from the urgent care center and pharmacy where I loaded up on the antibiotics (doxycycline and zithromax) and cough syrup (yeah – the good stuff with the codeine). The doctor said it was okay for me to continue my recovery plan, but to be honest with you, since I can’t breathe, I’m not sure what I’ll get out of it. So, I think I’ll be down a day or two and try to get better.

I’ve also been getting questions about what I use to take my photos and videos, so since I have nothing to report on the running front, I thought I would share my tools of the trade.

Just before running the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon in 2008, I decided I needed a camera to document what would become my first brush with SPD (slow painful death – yes – I stole that one from Chicrunner). I picked up an Olympus SW790. It fits in my hand (and I don’t have big hands). Here it is next to a car key:


My reason for this camera is because it satisfied three criteria: (1) It is waterproof (to protect from the copious sweating that I usually do), (2) It is shockproof (to protect from the frequent dropping as I try to run and photo at the same time), and (3) It takes both photos and video (yeah!). And if you need proof that it’s waterproof and shockproof, you need look no further than last weekend, when it was soaked by my body fluids and dropped at mile 6.

It’s not the fastest camera around, but it’s lasted two years of my abuse. There’s got to be something to that…

(If you are wondering the other cameras I considered, check this blog post. It’s a couple years old though, so it is dated.)


  1. You know Glenn...I think this sorta explains what happened to you on Sunday. I think you were carrying around this virus, and even though you felt fine, you really weren't. I'd have to go back and read your blogs, but I sorta remember you writing about not feeling quite right or well a couple days before the race.

    I use a Fuji camera when I run...same criteria's waterproof and it takes a beating (and keeps taking photos and video).

    Get some rest Glenn...your body is trying to tell you something :-) (that's the mom in me speaking)

  2. It's pretty common to catch a cold or to get sick after marathons. All part of being a runner, lucky us.

    Take your time to get back into it.

  3. Sorry you are so sick. That was me last week. No no no fun. Get well quick! Enjoy the codeine and get as much sleep as you possibly can.

  4. Wow. Take care of yourself, Glenn. And if you do workout, watch that heart rate. When I was sick, I was hitting 180 when I was doing a slow jog.

  5. Rest Glenn, rest! I never knew a "shock" camera existed. I really need one, I'm always dropping and throwing mine!

  6. I'm really surprised the doctor recommended you continue running while suffering from bronchitis. This is the first time I've heard of such advice for that illness.

  7. I hope you feel better. And I agree with Alice. Having a chest cold while running explains a lot. You were definitely suffering from the virus while running and it probably made you very sluggish. The water/heat combo didn't help either. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. feel better soon. I think your body just needs a smidgeon of a break. you'll be back at it before you know it. :)

  9. Hopefully since I am late on this, you are well on your way to recovery.

    Like I said on twitter, I think that there is totally something with running marathons and a surpressed immune system.

    How many MP is your camera? My wife yells at me for getting our normal digital camera "gross" when I run.

  10. this is great advice glenn! Thanks for sharing :) and glad you can document the spd :)