Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Midyear Checkpoint

I know I know. Everyone did this two weeks ago. Kind of like my life these days. Always a day late and a dollar short. But – as an exercise in accountability – I’m going to roll the clock back two weeks and check to see where I am with my 2010 goals.

Goal #1: Drop 30 pounds and change the name of my blog by 12/31/2010

Big fail so far. I started the year at 222 pounds, dropped to 216 for the L.A. Marathon in late March, then ballooned back up to 228 by late June. I’ve dropped three pounds in the last two weeks, but I’ve really got to get cranking if I hope to make this happen. Yes Wadia. I know what needs to be done. I just need a HTFU kick to get it done. It will happen….

Goal #2: Run 1250 miles and row 500,000 meters (310 miles)

I’ll break this down into two pieces.

Running – I’m right on track. 685 miles as of 7/1/2010. And that includes all of the inconsistency following the L.A. Marathon. My last two months are above 100 miles, and I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things.

Total distance - Month 

Rowing – FAIL. To hit my goal, I was going to need to row 10kms a week. As of the end of June, I was at 163,000 meters – or less than a third of goal. And – I’m rowing less now as my running miles are ratcheting up. I’m still going to row – but the original goal seems to be unattainable at this point.

Goal #3: PR at 5K, 10K and Half Marathon distances

This one shocked me. I’ve already set two PRs this year! 5K (Temecula Challenge) and Half Marathon (Surf City). I had no idea! At some point I guess I’ll need to run a 10K. There are a couple that are among my favs that come along toward the end of the year that I’ll use as an attempt at a PR.

Goal #4: KEEP IT FUN!!!!

I had my doubts a few weeks back. But I did what I said and mixed it up a little. Added trails to the mix. I think I have a new lease on my running life.


As a final note – I want to thank everyone who commented yesterday about weight loss and training. You are all right about ramping up miles and ramping down calories. I tried once before my first marathon and it was a *disaster* on all fronts. What I’m doing this time is a little different though. The goal is weight loss. Not a PR. So – I’ll ramp up my miles, ramp down the calories, and then be absolutely ecstatic at finishing a 19 mile trail race in 5 plus hours. Or running a 20 mile long run in 4 and a half hours. That’s why there aren’t any marathons in my short term plans. Or even halves. Heck – the only reason I’m running San Francisco is to pick up a jacket and some cool bling. PR? Probably not. Dinner and fun with friends next weekend? Definitely! Just all part of keeping it fun!

Oh – and for those of you who don’t think that ramping the miles up and the calories down is doable – follow my pal WadiaSoft. He’s averaging 39 miles and 2 pounds loss a week. Pretty amazing.


  1. I never did get to the midyear tally, probably for the best. I'll be interested to hear how the increased mileage, lowered calories works - best of luck!

  2. I didn't do a mid year checkpoint... I'm kind of afraid to.

    Nice progress for you, though!

  3. So what if it's two weeks late - good for you for doing an honest midyear checkpoint!

  4. It sounds like you are more on track than not and most of us can't say the same at this midyear point. Keep it up, Glenn (except the weight, which you can keep down).

  5. Go Glen! Thats a good set of miles! :) Huge! Your more ahead then I am, my only real -said goals for this year are-
    1. Run a Full Marathon (come oct 17th!)
    2. Get my California Dreamin metal and have a fabulous time gettin there! :)
    P.S. These Burritos Rock, My tummy likes simple burritos b4 races, and their chipotle sauce is unbeatable!
    Restaurant- Papalote

  6. You're making progress and even if you're not quite where you want to be I have no doubt you will be by 12/31!!!

  7. I almost always lose weight while marathon training....unless I get sick while Boston training and consume 8 bags of chocolate Easter Bunnies to combat my sorrow...or if I get injured during SF training and eat half the house to drown out those sorrows. But normally, I always lose weight so don't let those tell you you cannot. You're doing great, Glenn...with all we have to balance in our lives, coming out greater than 50% is pretty dang good!!

    Can't wait to see you soon!!!

  8. A midyear review? Good idea but I think I'd just be depressed at the last few months.

    Two PR's already is fantastic. Way to go.

  9. I like Goal #4. If it ain't fun it probably ain't gonna happen!

  10. Congrats on hitting your PR goals and racing. As far as the weight loss, have fun. What I tend to do, is not think about it, and do right at the same time, and it gradually happens. You can do it man. Increased Mileage, lower calories? I'm not too keen on that one. Whatever mileage you need to do - common sense is more like it. Best wishes and hope you are having fun with your new cam.

  11. What was the rowing goal based on? Or just a number you picked? All I am asking is maybe you could re-evaluate that goal. Don't see it as a failure - it's still good cross-training even if you fall short on distance. You'll set a baseline of sorts for 2011 ;)

  12. Great mid-year recap Glenn! That's probably something I should do...hmm. Anyways, way to be honest and I know you can accomplish your goals. Make sure to KEEP IT FUN!!! :) See you next week in San Fran!!!

  13. Hmm, I don't think I made a list for the year, probably because I didn't want to hold myself accountable! Agh!

    Keep on trucking w/those goals!

  14. ha my check in was just last week, so we're in the same boat. better late than never! PRs in 2 of 3 distances is a pretty good showing!! :)

  15. Man, you're having better luck than I am! I'm 0/4 or 5 on mine! I think that I set them a wee bit too agressive.