Saturday, July 3, 2010

A New Toy

I picked up a new toy on Thursday. My old version of this same toy has served me well during my training and racing in the past. But, it had gotten old and decrepit. It once ran out of juice and turned off the middle of a race. The buttons weren’t easy to see or easy to press and had fooled me once thinking that everything was set and  turned on, only to disappoint later. And the quality of the output, while quite good when my toy was new, is now falling short of expectation. In short, it was three year old technology – great at the time it was first purchased, but now old and obsolete.

Yes. Thursday I retired my old Olympus 850 SW Thursday*. In it’s place – this baby:

0900688a80c47a32_EKN036801_PLAYSPORT_black_front_645x370A Kodak Playsport HD video camera. (Thanks Running Green Girl!) Capable of  1080p HD video. Capable of 5MP still photos. Waterproof to 10 ft. Capable of withstanding a 5 foot drop. All in a package smaller than an iPhone. And all for less than $200!

Come join me for Thursday evening’s run in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park in 720p HD:

ETP Day 18 (Thursday): 7.6 miles in Laguna Wilderness Park. 0.4 miles short of plan. Calorie budget of 1762 BMR plus 1140 exercise allowance. Total consumed 2999 for 97 over budget.

ETP Day 19 (Friday): Scheduled rest day. Slept through my alarm again. Obviously the rest day is needed. Calorie budget of 1762. Calories consumed – 1999 or 237 over budget.

Weekly variance:

  • Training budget: 0.9 miles short of plan
  • Calorie budget: 427 over budget

On tap today – 17 miles. I’m waiting until a little later in the day to train in the sun. One week until the Harding Hustle (gulp.)

* Don’t worry. My old  camera has been willed to my daughter, and will have a wonderful time in Europe!


  1. Morning Glenn. Come update your Race to 10 I KNOW you have better numbers right now than you did a month ago. Plus..when you puts me back in last place on the board and that will motivate me to stay focused this weekend. :)

  2. That's a cool toy! Hmmmm... Waterproof sparked my interest, and the price is pretty good, too.

  3. Nice little camera!! Such great video in a tiny package.

    Enjoy your 17, the sun is just starting to peek out now.

    Be sure and tweet your race results next week, I'll be heading out of town but want to know.

  4. Nice video! What a cool looking toy!

  5. Very cool! Now, did that woman know what you were doing? She seems rather eager in spots to get away from you, but never quite does....

  6. Awesome Camera Glenn. Thanks for sharing the footage. Do they have a helmet you can put it on? Best wishes on your training and calories and all that other Crap. Take care man.

  7. Great camera! Yeah, waterproof even!

  8. Nice run Glenn - hope you enjoy the new toy. Cameras are awesome when they do their intended job and new technology is ALWAYS more fun!

  9. yeah does that woman know you? you would've been creeping me out if i didn't know you ;)

    great video though - and great trail! i can't believe those bikers weren't walking their bikes up the steep part... i totally would've.

    i'm glad the scariest part of running is bikers. i was alll ready to close the window if a snake was going to come on screen!

  10. Oh I love a new camera! Can't wait for all of your new photos.

  11. Great video, Glenn! That park is amazing. What a beautiful place you have to run at!

    And that camera shoots some excellent video. That really turned out nice.

    Hope you had a great 4th, and that your Saturday long run went well!

  12. Hi Glenn,
    Oh my goodness, boys and their toys! That looks like a great camera! It will be great for taking tons of pictures for your blog:)

    Thanks so much for your comment the other day. I really do appreciate it. I think that it is hard for non-runners to understand...I also believe it is going to be hard to find a GI specialist who runs. I do however, think a second opinion is a great idea:) Thanks for shouting out!

  13. Hoooooray for new toys!!!!!!!!!!! Its so clear too! and at such a good deal? Total total win!

  14. I am jealous of this toy! I'm actually getting a sony bloggie so we'll have to compare some notes!