Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What’s Next?

So I’ve got to admit something. Ever since the L.A. Marathon back in March, I have been running without any real goal or purpose. I thought I’d be able to just run. Run for fun. Get better. Drop a few pounds. But truth be told – I don’t like running enough to just run for the fun of it. To be successful at this running thing I *need* that goal race on the calendar.

For the last few weeks I’ve been struggling with this. I pulled together 3 40 mile weeks. I was ready to pull together a fourth. If I had, I most certainly would have crashed and burned on the Streets of San Francisco*. I realized last week that something is really out of whack. I’m paying for races like they are going out of style, but I’m not performing anywhere close to where I was a year ago. Then it occurred to me – an old saying from my early days in Management Consulting - “Plan the work, then work the plan.” What plan?

So here goes – I’m going to lay the foundation for the rest of the plan today. My goal race will be the Bishop High Sierra Ultramarathon. Fifty something (either kms or miles – I haven’t decided yet) in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada. May 21, 2011. 42 weeks away. Assuming that there will be a 20 week training cycle leading up to my attempt at 50 something, that leaves 22 weeks of training/racing. Which means enough time for 2 half marathons, or one marathon and a few weeks recovery. Time to search Raceplace for some viable options!

This does mean that the L.A. Marathon 2011 may be a bit suspect now – it depends how it works in. I’ll know more in a week once the whole plan is laid out.

* Special reference for us 50 somethings. Who remembers what actor got his big break alongside Karl Malden in that TV series?


  1. Wow, Glenn, this is huge.

    I am looking forward to following your training.

  2. Kirk's little boy of course.

    Nice goal. I am shooting for an Ultra in 2011 as well. Just have not decided on the exact one. Maybe one in Washington, California or I might go back to Kansas where I lived for 4 years and do one.

  3. Gordon Gecko!

    Great to have a plan and such an ambitious race!

  4. That's a great plan, I looked at the race it looks amazing.

  5. Love it!
    That's one my to-do list and it looks perfect for a first ultra.

  6. Michael Douglas, duh!

    Thanks for posting the link, this looks like something I could walk and really enjoy. We'll be in tweet.

    Happy planning!

  7. Wow Glenn Wow!! An ultra! Sounds so exciting! Can't wait to follow you train!

  8. How exciting! Even though I've "run" one marathon, they still intimidate me. I'm excited to see you train and succeed in your ultra. How incredibly inspiring and impressive :)

  9. That's a big race! Great goal, Glenn!

    YOU CAN DO IT! :)

  10. Awesome! At some point, I will be ready to do 50k (NOT miles), but for now, I get to watch you do it!

  11. Looks like a great race! Plans are the only reasons why I'm still running. I hope it also works out for you!

  12. Best of luck to you -- I'm going for my first ultra in about 24 days, and I'm petty much freaking out & I'm doing the K, not the M. Not only finishing is the goal for me (but the main one), but finishing with a smile on my face : )

    It's good to have goals, and you picked a big one!

  13. Glenn, I wish you well in your ultra quest! That is very cool. A friend of mine completed a 50 mile trail race recently, and that is very inspirational.

    All the best! I look forward to hearing more about your training.

  14. we are really of similar hard-headedness... "so i've been struggling with my running/training lately and thought what the heck, let's sign up for an ultra" :)

    at least yours is far enough out to gun for, i'm starting to think mine isn't! haha.

    hope this plan sets everything back on track for good this time - to me it sounds ideal!