Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Three R’s

Sorry all teachers who might read my blog. We’re not talking about reading, writing and arithmetic. We’re talking about the three legs that comprise my exercise regimen these days – rowing, running and rest.

So far this week, I’ve completed two of the three. Last night was another rowing session in my garage. Five minute warm up followed by 6 sets of 500 meters at a challenging pace (2:05 – 2:10) with a 3:00 rest period. Total distance rowed – 4.5 kms (including a three minute cool down).

That means today is the third leg of the triumvirate. Rest. After three days – so far so good. My knee seems to be okay. Taking it easy certainly has something to so with that I’m sure.

I’ll pick up back up with a rowing session on Friday, a run on Saturday, and a rest on Sunday. Then the fourth “R” – repeat again next week. I just might be back.

On the calorie front:

  • Base allowance: 1821 calories
  • Exercise allowance: 452 calories
  • Caloric intake: 1941 calories
  • Net: –331 calories (just right for a rest day)


  1. Great job Glenn!

    I kinda like Rock it, Roll it and Rip it! Which I have no idea what it has do with anything? Other than have a Happy Halloween!

  2. Don't forget the last "R" - roll (with a foam roller, obviously)!

  3. Loving the attitude. With 331 calories to burn, you could have some of the 5th R - rum.

  4. No teasing teachers with the 3 R's, Glenn. Good luck with the workouts!

  5. Arithmetic doesn't start with an R anyway. I still don't get that. Nice job getting back to the 3 Rs! I hope you had a great rest day.

  6. Way to get back into the swing of things!

    And I'm with Kovas, you're missing an R!

  7. I just might be back.

    Excellent! Back in business is always a good thing! Happy R's to you Glenn!

  8. Great news with the three R's man. Happy Ralloween Glenn, whatever that is. lol

  9. You WILL be are being so smart about all this. Great job on the calorie intake, especially on a rest day. Extra 331 in the bank...for celebrations later :).

  10. Easy to remember routine. Just follow the 3 R's.

  11. Do you have your own just don't see them in the gym?

    Of course my own R would be riding!