Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another RunRow in the Books

Well – the frequency that I’ve been updating this blog has pretty much gone in the tank the past few weeks. Not to worry – I’m still here and my knee seems to be holding up to the low mileage that I’ve been exposing it to. It’s just that I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut right now. With my running. With my life.

Here’s the prime example:

  • Monday: Rest day. Whistling dixie…
  • Tuesday: 4 easy miles. And I mean easy. 10:56 pace over a flat course. Yuck.
  • Wednesday: 5000 meters on the ergometer. Broke a good sweat. Watched the white walls in the garage as I moved back and forth.

You get the idea.

On the calorie front:


  • Calorie Budget: 1821 calories
  • Food calories consumed: 2192
  • Exercise calories burned: 0
  • Net calories: +371


  • Calorie Budget: 1821 calories
  • Food calories consumed: 2372
  • Exercise calories burned: 677
  • Net calories: –126


  • Calorie Budget: 1821 calories
  • Food calories consumed: 2363
  • Exercise calories burned: 395
  • Net calories: +147

Time for some portion control. Or more  exercise. Knees – how are ya feeling?


  1. does anyone whistle anything other than dixie?

    Knees are saying - give me 10K run at close to 10K pace. Test me! Try me! See if I can do it! Then give me a day off.

    Keep smiling Glenn! Or, paint a mural on the garage wall of your favorite hike.

  2. Better than whistling past the graveyard. Try some extra miles, maybe Sunday since Monday is a day off and you get the rest.

  3. Do you want some cheese with that whine! Enough already! Crap or get off the toilet.

  4. try to focus on one day at a time, looking for a calorie debt. Can you sneak in some extra exercise somehow? I started taking the stairs, parking farther away, and walking to lunch. Every bit helps!

  5. Hey, I haven't posted yet this week- you're ahead of me!
    Go knees!

  6. Forget the portion control man. Just give it a go. Glad the knees are holding out on you. I would say not to even worry about the pace right now, especially with your knee being better right now. I would not push the envelope. Then again, look who's talking, Mr Slow ass marathon. lol Take care Glenn. I am really happy that your knee is better. I was praying for ya and still am.

  7. was it just out-of-shape slow, or i-feel-crappy-my-body-won't-move slow. be careful with the latter and rest if you need to. (again, just going off my own experiences this year!)

    glad your knee seems to be doing ok!

  8. What is the caloric burn rate for Whistling Dixie, just out of curiosity??? Hope it starts coming around on the running for you Glenn - have a great weekend!