Monday, November 22, 2010

I’m Officially Training

Another week successfully in the books. That means at this point I’m going to become official in my quest for my goal race this upcoming year – the Bishop High Sierra Ultra in May. Sorry ergometer. It’s back into the corner for you for the time being.

This week:

  • Monday: Scheduled rest day
  • Tuesday: 4 miles run. Start a core regimen.
  • Wednesday: 4 miles run.
  • Thursday: Run 4 miles. Try to control the Pumpkin Pie intake valve.
  • Friday: Scheduled rest day. Allow the l-tryptophan to work it’s course.
  • Saturday: 9 mile run.
  • Sunday: 3 mile pace run. Core workout.
  • Total mileage: 24 miles.

This also means that the following races are on the calendar at this point:

  • Crystal Cove XTerra: 17k trail race 12/10/2010
  • Baz Hawley Winter Trail Series 12K Trail Run: 01/09/2011
  • Baz Hawley Winter Trail Series 15K Trail Run: 01/23/2011
  • Baz Hawley Winter Trail Series 18K Trail Run: 02/06/2011
  • Baz Hawley Winter Trail Series 21K Trail Run: 02/20/2011
  • Los Angeles Marathon: 03/20/2011
  • After LAM, I’ll be concentrating on hikes/climbs that provide elevation gains at higher elevations to get acclimated to the near 10,000 foot altitude that Bishop will throw at me.
  • Somewhere in the April/May timeframe I’ll need to throw in a 30K and maybe even a 50K trail race.
  • Bishop High Sierra (Goal): 05/21/2011

This training cycle will be about time on my feet. No speedwork. It’s going to be about being able to stay on my feet and moving for 10 hours. Or (most likely) more.

Here we go!


  1. Nice plan, Glenn! Poor ergometer, shunted aside yet again.

  2. I admire your go big or go home attitude! Have a good training cycle. I can't imagine being on my feet that many hours. They would be pissed off!

  3. Right.On.Glenn! Poor lonely ergometer....

  4. Awesome plan Glenn!! LOVE it. Go big or go home, you rock!

  5. Good luck with the Officially Training. I signed up for the LA Marathon and need to get going on my Officially Training.

  6. Congrats on getting back to training! Pretty impressive schedule you got there. Go big or go home!

    Good luck...see you at LA

  7. I love your race calendar, especially your A race for next year. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. (And consider the Black Mountain 15k in April; I'm finally going to do it.)

  8. sounds like there is a pep in your step glenn :) glad to 'hear' it! love the plan for this week. good luck on that pumpkin pie valve... perhaps if it got action more than once/year it wouldn't need to go into overload! yeah right, obviously that theory does not apply to my m&m intake...

  9. Happy Training Week! Now I have to look up what an ergometer is.

  10. Hi Glenn,
    Wow, you have such an impressive schedule coming up! Are you really running an Ultra?

    I just happen to love pumpkin pie too:)

    Take care!!

  11. Yea, I love all those trail races!!

    This all sounds eminently doable, especially since the emphasis is on distance and time on feet, not on speed. And that time on feet will be in scenery that you love.

  12. I am just entertained by your plan to mitigate, or at least compensate for, the effects of the pumpkin pie intake valve...

    Very. Very. Very. Important part of the plan :-))

    Have a fabulous holiday!

  13. Pumpkin Pie intake valve? that is funny man. Great news, that you are training. That is awesome. Go Go GO. Lots to blog about now. hehehe

  14. Holy ULTRA! You are inspiring. I look forward to see how your training goes. Who knows, maybe I'll be talked into doing one myself.

    Thanks for leaving me a brussel sprout recipe. Next time I get a bunch of brussels I'm trying them your way. Sounds delish!

  15. You're a machine, man! Nice plan of action for the new year!

    The being on your feet for 10 hours reminds me of when I used to work in retail, but that's another story. Your time on your feet will be much more fun than mine was.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Great plan!!!! Can't wait to hear about that series of trail races

  17. What is it - a 50 miler?? Wow, insanity! But I know you like trail runs, so I wish you luck. And it will probably be gorgeous scenery, right? :-)

    It sounds like your running mojo is coming back, Glenn. I am very glad for you.