Thursday, November 4, 2010


Week two is officially underway.

Tuesday: 5 minute warm up, 14 X 1 min with 30 second active rest pieces on the erg, 5 minute warm down for 6.1 km total.

Yesterday: Easy three miles in the Back Bay. The issue with yesterday was the heat. I got my run in right  at dusk when it cooled down to 85 degrees. And that was at the ocean front.

On tap today: Back on the erg.

On the calorie front:


  • Daily budget: 1821 calories
  • Food calories consumed: 2277
  • Exercise calories burned: 494
  • Net: –37 calories


  • Daily budget: 1821 calories
  • Food calories consumed: 2274
  • Exercise calories burned: 527
  • Net: –74 calories

So far so good. I have a little pain in my knee right after finishing, but a little ice seems to do the trick.


  1. YAYYYYYY!! Looking good, Glenn :).

  2. Good job, Glenn. You're burning those calories. Keep it up!
    Did I tell you that Steve is running the OC Marathon? Can't wait!

  3. So far so good, sounds great to me! Keep on the plan and rest as needed.

  4. I ran yesterday too and it was brutal. Love to see those negative net calories.

  5. Awesome dude. Keep this train going. Love your calorie deficit thingy. BTW, you have me hooked on eating doughnuts before I run. lol

  6. sounds like week 2 has been going well! keep it up friend! :) good to see some consistency, glad the knee is holding up.

  7. where does 1821 come from? Just curious.. seems a bit low to me? I have an app called FatSecret, that has my RDI at 2100. I need to get back to tracking & monitoring the pie hole.

  8. The mirical of ice, I am smothering my friends that just got into running with the spoken word of ice :) Keep telling me that knee is doing better!

  9. Man... I wish I had a daily budget of 1800 calories... That's about all I get IF I run.

    Man, sometimes it sucks to be a chick.

    Can't wait till Sunday!

  10. Looks like you're coming back. I have never rowed before other than in a canoe or kayak - what is the "Erg" like??