Monday, November 8, 2010

Ramping Up

So far two weeks of work out have gone relatively well. My knee seems to be holding up well. The issue now is one of fitness instead of pain. I went out for a short three miles on Saturday. Not because of time, but because by the time three miles was done I was dust! How embarrassing! Oh well. It’s good to know that I can still gasp and wheeze with the best of ‘em!

So this week I’m going to start ramping up a bit. Instead of erging (rowing) more than running, I will  run more than row:

  • Monday: Scheduled rest day
  • Tuesday: Run 4 easy miles.
  • Wednesday: Erg somewhere around 4 miles
  • Thursday: Run 4 easy miles
  • Friday: Scheduled rest day
  • Saturday: Run 5 easy miles
  • Sunday: Erg somewhere around 3 miles
  • Total: 20 miles

From this point forward, I will be increasing about 10% per week until I get a reasonable volume (35-40 miles per week) back under my belt.

And you know  why I do this? Check out this video from one of my blogging friends – Lauren – from On the Run. She ran the Saddleback Mountain Marathon this weekend:

Have a great week! I’ll be catching up on your blogs over the next couple days…


  1. We missed you yesterday at the Shelter Island 5k, but that would have been a tough drive down, especially after a huge celebration/ :)

    Take care.

  2. 10% is the rule I've always heard. Good thing you gotta plan. :)

    You're coming back!

  3. Rather than the rower you might want to consider doing some PT to strengthen the hip and knee muscles (1-legged squats, etc.). Might be a bigger bang for your training buck (time).

  4. Like Kovas suggests, a friend of mine also recommended some strength training. Specifically, kettlebell squats, etc.

  5. Get back on those trails, that's what you always like best!

  6. At least you can wheeze through the 3 miles rather than starting from scratch Glenn! Good luck building back up to form.

  7. You are super nice to post my video. I totally feel your pain --- I just hate how it takes months and months and months to build up your training, and then just a few weeks can almost wipe it out! (On the plus side, it usually doesn't take as long to get back to where you: ) I'm looking forward to getting my training back.

    Good luck with your training! We'll probably pass by each other on the trails one of these days.

  8. Hopefully in the next week or so, I'll be following the exact same running schedule. WE will be back running on those trails before you know it. Keep you head up and a smile on! ;)

  9. I think Irene and I had two mimosas...just in honor of you.

    Good for you for easing back into it!

  10. OH...still thinking about Mammoth this weekend. How crazy is that?

  11. If you ever need me to come along and be a running drill sargent, I'd be happy to be a slave driver. :D Glad to see you are getting back into the swing of things. Will I be seeing you at Surf City?

  12. Brilliant....Just Brilliant Glenn. I am very happy for you to see that you are ramping it up again buddy. Way to go. Thanks for sharing the video. Very inspiring.

  13. Great plan!! Smart to ease back into it too. And thanks for sharing Lauren's video!