Monday, March 7, 2011

Head Down, Nose to Grindstone

Sorry I’ve been missing from blog land. Nothing much exciting has been going on. I’ve been like my title says – head down, nose to the grindstone – trying to work myself back into injury free shape. Last week was the fourth in the Pfitzinger recovery plan that I’ve adopted, and I’m up to a whopping 30 minute run. Not that I can go the whole 30 yet without a break somewhere in the middle, but hey,  it sure sounds good!

This week I have four days of running – two times two days back to back:

  • Monday: Scheduled rest.
  • Tuesday: 25 minute easy run.
  • Wednesday: 30 minute easy run.
  • Thursday: Scheduled rest
  • Friday: 25 minute easy run
  • Saturday: 35 minute easy run
  • Sunday: Scheduled rest.

Other than being tired and woefully out of shape as I tackle these easy peasy flat runs, the rest of my body seems to be faring well. No more knee pain, no more back pain, no more groin pain. Maybe – just maybe – I might be ready for trails.


  1. Sounds encouraging. I am envious of your pain free running and living. Don't have the knee or groin issues. I do have some lower back pain, hip, shin and right achilles flare ups..

  2. Do let me know what your comeback race will be because I want to be there to celebrate it with you! It's great to hear that things are on the mends. Just in time too as the weather is maybe going to start being nice again and more daylight soon too!

  3. I'd stay on the road a bit longer before you hit trails. I have only been injury-free for a few months and do not wish re-injury on anyone! Maybe try hilly streets if you're looking for something more challenging?? I run in Pasadena, so hills are a-plenty. I'm sure there are some down there, too (from the brief time I lived/worked there).

  4. no more pain?!? that's awesome!!

  5. The easy peasy runs are just making you'll be ready for the trails soon :).

    btw, Brendan asks me daily if I've heard from Mt. Whitney (that's a negative :( ). I suspect they'd email or write me if we got in?? I can't remember putting an email down on the app but maybe I did. He so badly wants to go and is talking about going up the backside if we are rejected. So slow but steady, Glenn, so we can get up that dang mountain! I hope I'm not in my boot still!

  6. Sounds like you are recovering nicely, Glenn. That is great to hear! Keep up the good work, and I hope you are ready for some trails!

  7. Good luck with the recovery... look forward to following your progress :)

  8. Sending out good trail vibes to you Glenn - pain free is the way to go!