Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back to It

After a short detour thanks to Mr. Cold Virus, I’m back to training. While my chest is clear, my head is not, so if you see little piles of green snots by the side of the Back Bay trail or on Bommer Ridge, you’ll know I’ve been there…

  • Monday: Getting better
  • Tuesday: Still getting better
  • Wednesday: Feeling human again
  • Thursday (today): Four easy miles
  • Friday: Two easy miles
  • Saturday: Four easy miles
  • Sunday: Six miles. Most likely trails.
  • Total: 16 miles


  1. Nothing like feeling human again - enjoy the return to running!

  2. Maybe I'll see you Sunday - was thinking Bommer Ridge to El Moro Ridge to just before it heads down to PCH, out and back...

  3. Ewwwww snotty! LOL! JK. We've all been there. 16 already? You go Glenn!

  4. 16 miles? Yay! You're doing way better than I am and I'm not fighting a cold!

  5. Allright for getting back on track. I really hate colds. Go Go Go!

  6. I'm glad that you're feeling better! Sixteen miles when you weren't even feeling human at the beginning of the week is awesome. Enjoy the trails!

  7. sorry you had a bug but glad you are feeling better. hope the running is more enjoyable/feeling good?

  8. 16 miles feels sooooo much better than Zero ;-)

  9. Glad you are workin thru that cold. Rock on with your 16 miles!! Waaay more than me this week!

  10. Hi Glenn,
    I have missed was nice to see your profile picture and a comment. I am glad you are feeling better and back in training mode. You are probably running more than me:)

    Take care Glenn!

  11. Great trail pictures, Glenn!
    We saw Michelle Barton pull off a win at Leona Divide and I thought of yoU! It was a FUN race, I think I want to do it next year!
    Glad you're back to running!