Sunday, April 3, 2011

I was Ready to Post Three Days Ago

But my computer crashed! Luckily, Dell was on top of things and got a hard drive to me the next day. Then to really press my luck, I was able to buy a USB disk enclosure, slap the old "bad" drive into it, and recover all of my pictures and important documents. I guess I must be on a lucky streak:

(1) Two weeks ago - Meat Loaf
(2) Last week- Score on twitter again! This time Free Eats from Rubios's. Sweet!

So what better way to close out the week than to get lucky and recover my important documents. And, to cap my lucky streak, I had backed up my iPod music just a couple weeks ago. Whew!

My advice? Don't be the cobbler whose kids don't have shoes. Backup your important data! CDs are cheap. Losing years of photos aren't.

Now, honestly tomorrow - how to run slow.

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  1. Nice salvage on the drive Glenn! I use a Maxtor Onetouch drive for backup - solid state storage and about the size of an iPhone.

  2. the luck of the Glenn! we could all use some of that.

  3. My laptop is on it's last leg, I fear and I keep saying I need to back up all my pics and whatnot - yet I haven't. Will look into that this week, thanks Glenn! And if you're so lucky these days, I'm counting on you April 10th to get us up Mt. Whitney (my client did not get in but her friend did, they are going on July 25-26 :( ).

  4. we use backblaze. glad you were able to get your pictures!! i could lose my music, but pictures, nooo.

  5. Oh man, that was a nice save for sure Glenn! Phew. OK I will back up my stuff.

  6. if my computer, was not a computer.. it would be an enormous cluttered, absent-minded professor's desk the size of Montana.. I need to get my digital life together!