Saturday, April 23, 2011

So What going to Happen Now?

Training has been going well, that is until today. Somehow, even though it's been beautiful spring like weather, I've managed to catch a mean head cold. I got a decent run in on Friday, but right now it feels like my head is about to explode. Time for a day off.

So back to the title. If you pay attention to baseball, you have no doubt heard that Major League Baseball has taken over the operations and finances of the Los Angeles Dodgers from owner Frank McCort. If that name sounds familiar to you as a runner, it's because a couple years back, McCort purchased the Los Angeles Marathon. It's under his "leadership" that the amazing Stadium to the Sea route was adopted. For the frat time, us Los Angelenos were looking at the possibility of a World class marathon in Los Angeles.

But, if the business practices that McCort used to run the Dodgers (basically leveraging to the hilt, including borrowing against future earnings) have been applied tithe operations of the L.A. Marathon, we may have just seen the last of the Stadium to the Sea.* There is no Major League of Running to save the sport. My fingers are crossed.

* I've already heard rumors that some of the higher ups have been let go. News an tweets have been conspicuously missing.


  1. I randomly felt sick the last few days too. Is something going around?

  2. Hey Glenn!! Hope your cold gets better and that your stadium stays open!

  3. Makes me sick about the LAMarathon. Really. Hope you feel better Glenn.

  4. glenn... i think you found your new job. cmon, you can't foot the bill for a marathon? ;)

    in seriousness, this is a bummer! hopefully someone/some organization can pull together to keep the race alive.

  5. Oooo I love a good mystery/drama around a marathon. Keep us posted.

  6. I'm sorry that you're feeling sick. I hope you're better now!

    Interesting story about the LA Marathon. I hope the race sticks around.