Friday, May 27, 2011

Same Old Place, Brand New Trail

I was out yesterday in Laguna Coast. Again. But, this time I tried a different trail – West Ridge. I had been avoiding this trail because it has these things that I detest:


It was an absolutely stunning day, and even though the onshore winds were stiff, their cooling effect was pleasing and appreciated!

The plan was five miles. The first two and a half were spectacular. The views were tremendous:


Okay. I know I’m old, but I’m not a fossil yet!


I got to the turnaround point surprisingly fresh. I enjoyed the view toward the ocean:


Then I turned around. Gulp!


It wasn’t until I got back, that I found out that I had essentially run downhill for 2 1/2 miles:

Running Bommer Ridge-El Moro 5-26-2011, Elevation - Distance

That meant I would be climbing back up toward those homes in the distance that you can’t see in this photo:


After some huffing and puffing (and some less than speedy foot shuffling) I crested (yet another) hill and was welcomed back to civilization:


It’s kind of scary that in less than a month I have a race that is going to essentially do this climb three times in a row. Yikes!


  1. What a beautiful run!

    Embrace the hills. Love the hills. OWN the hills.

  2. Gorgeous run! I've also realized how many hidden hills that trail has.

  3. Wow! That's scary! I need to get myself out there... haven't trained for trails, and my race is on 6/12!

  4. Great trail. Those hills will make you strong.

  5. After using the word "detest" I assumed it was going to be pictures of snakes.

  6. The hills are your friend Glenn - give in to them and they will make you strong ;-) Have a great weekend!!!

  7. I need to get back to the OC like NOW! :D

  8. You know, a change of scenery can do you good! Gorgeous pictures, Glenn!

  9. So pretty!! Hills are hard.. :S

  10. 3 things? hills, no shade... and? i couldn't figure out the 3rd...

    gorgeous views. the toughness is well worth that. i mean great excuse to stop and look around and appreciate the scenery!

  11. You're going to be just fine in a month. Most folks I see doing those kind of hills in trail runs intentionally power walk the steepest parts to conserve energy. And, of course, the reward is the incredible view. Right?

  12. Yes, the weather has been perfect this weekend and your pictures prove it!
    Your race sounds tough but hill work is awesome!!

  13. I came back to look at that fossil ... how high up was it compared to the current sea level?

  14. Your trails look so cool, Glenn. Those are awesome, and no doubt challenging. You have beautiful places to run!