Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Annual Night Running Post

Except I missed 2011. And 2010 for that matter. Have I really been slacking that long? My waist says yes.

I thought I would go ahead and post this year because it appears that I will be using some of my equipment. Or at least, should be using my equipment.

Anyways, here is the gear that has a permanent place in my bag:

Headlamp/Flasher: This is the most important piece of equipment in my night running arsenal. It’s about seeing and being seen. The other day I posted myself in action. Here’s a breakdown of my see and be seen equipment:

Flasher: I picked this up from Road Runner sports a couple years ago.


I slap this onto the back strap of my headlamp. It is my attempt to not get run over from behind by some crazy cyclist (LOL). So far it seems to have worked.

Duravision Pro 180 Saftey Light, Road Runner Sports, $8.99

Headlamp: Okay. I went a little overboard with this. But, I do a lot of running where there aren’t streetlights. I also use this guy a lot when I get caught hiking after dark, or just in lieu of a flashlight at home.


This is a tremendous headlamp. It has variable strength LED and Halogen lamps. I can pretty much illuminate a trail like it’s daytime with this lamp. Or blind any cyclist or car coming at me.

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp, REI, $64.95

Here are the two in action:


Reflective vest: Unfortunately, most of the places I like to run (Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Crystal Cove State Park) are closed or off-limits at night (as in get a ticket if caught), so sometimes I have to resort to the Back Bay or along trails that are frequented by cyclists and/or cars. For that, I wear a reflective vest. It’s all about being seen before I get run over:


Nathan Streak Vest, Road Runner Sports, $24.99

I approach night running as an exercise in safety. I slow down a little, turn the iPod volume down a notch, and tune in a little more to my surroundings.


  1. Smart way to approach it. I just got my first headlamp (Petzel). Forgot to bring it today and once again just used my friends light to see!

  2. like the prepardness. I finally bought a vest after years of nightime running w/out. plus, i now have a headlight compliments of Everyready batteries - who gave them away free at the Vegas RR nightrace. Yet, still I like my small but very illuminating handheld flashlight better. I hate running with something strapped like that on my head.

    have a great day! keep kickin'!

  3. I purchased the black diamond sprinter a year or two ago. It has good adjustable beam with the flasher built in. Best of all the sprinter is rechargeable. It's 14 degrees outside right now so I'll be staying indoors this evening sipping tea.

  4. I love my Petzl Tikka XP2. I also got the rechargeable battery that regulates the brightness to keep it the same even as the battery gets weaker.

    Slomohusky - it does takes some getting used to on the head. Especially, near the end of an MLR when it's all sweaty and starts moving down every couple of minutes.

  5. I hit the treadmill when it's dark. Or cold. Or hot. It especially freaks me out to run at night...I've only done it a few times when I did the some relays. It was so scary!

  6. I like running at night. Especially here in Hawaii where it is hot all year round. Lights are definitely important! I use them too. I have the vest which I don't wear too often. However, I do wear a flashing bike light on my back and a bright flashing hat light.