Monday, January 23, 2012

What a Dud!

That pretty much sums up last week. The lowlights:

  • I ran on Tuesday. 4 miles.
  • Umm.
  • Okay.
  • Saturday: The rains came. The trails closed.


  • Saturday night I missed what I’m sure was an all around great time with my blogger friends Jill, Meg, Irene, and others at their pre-Carlsbad Marathon carbo load celebration (by the way – I do need a pictorial report please!)
  • Sunday – see the picture above. And I couldn’t find my car keys because I knew if I did, then I could move the car out of the garage and would then have to row.

So, last week was a real dud. All around. The worst part? If I’m not running, I can’t eat! Yikes!


It’s Monday and it’s raining again. That means the trails will be closed until at least Wednesday. Which is okay, because my Wednesday is booked solid anyways. Besides, the sun is supposed to be out and the temps into the upper 70’s by the middle of the week. That’s more like it.

Here’s this week’s plan:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 4 road miles
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 4 miles. Hopefully trails.
  • Friday: Poker day.
  • Saturday: Let’s try this again. 10 miles. Trails
  • Sunday: 8 miles. Trails.
  • Total planned: 26  ish miles.

Hey! That’s like a marathon!


  1. Maybe eating will make you want to run again! Though I can say that my measly weight loss has helped with running, so I guess things get tough. =/

  2. What a dud is right that the trails are closed with the rains and all. You will do your mileage this week or have to eat 40 chocolate chip cookies on Sunday. 4 miles tomorrow, here we.....oooops, you go! Go all out man!

  3. We missed you Glenn! Don't beat yourself up...just start tomorrow!

  4. May I ask a question...? I am missing something, are trails the only place you can run? How about pavement? :)

  5. I am so, so bummed when they close the trails. Aliso is much more liberal in their closure policy, so you might try them. You might also try a short run up Harding Truck Trail (free parking), or if you can find a place to park -- Santiago Truck Trail. I am like you, I prefer trails over pavement. When worse comes to worse though, my feet does touch pavement. : (

    Good luck this week. And you still must eat, whether or not you run!!

  6. Missed you Glenn!!! :(

    Yeah, I woke up to that rain on Saturday and prayed it would stop for the race. Thankfully it did!

    Hoping you're back on track this week, looks sunny in SoCal! :)

  7. You gotta get those miles so you can eat some goodies!

  8. keep kicking it! loved the rain this weekend in Carlsbad. We had a very soaked one mile kids run in Legoland Saturday AM. Hmmm... there was a blogger meet up and carbo load Saturday night? Nobody invited me!! :(

  9. I was hoping to see you down in Carlsbad, Glenn. ::hugs::

  10. Glenn, you have been tagged. See my blog post titled "My First Tag".

  11. ps. you've been "tagged" (see my blog). I apologize if you've already been tagged with "11 Things," or if you hate being tagged. Happy if you love being tagged.