Friday, January 6, 2012

Short Post for a Short Run

Put in a short four miler around the Back Bay last night. I had some issues with my heart rate spiking under minimal stress, so I backed off the pace (if that’s possible) and half jogged half walked this one.

Sorry for the bad photo, but the light wasn’t great.


I’m off today, so you all get a day’s rest from my ramblings. Big plans for this weekend though, so I’ll be back to bug you all on Sunday!


  1. keep watching the heart rate monitor. important, as you know. did you have more or less than normal caffiene for the day?

  2. I have been having days where HR is spiking lately too. Its been doing that since the marathon. I think I am still recovering.

    Looking forward to read about your big weekend.

  3. Be careful with that heart rate. My friend Rod had to go on Beta Blockers to get his under control.

    I miss the Back Bay. I think I will have to drive down there one of these days to go for a run.

  4. You got me to thinking that, perhaps, I should dig out my heart rate monitor.

    Be careful!

    Just in case, Happy New Year!

  5. This year, I plan to do some heart rate monitoring myself, which I never paid attention to. Seems like a pretty hot topic of late. I will have to travel to CA to run some of those awesome trails of yours man. Take care.