Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hill Work - Ugh

Yesterday was a particularly tough workout - six hill repeats. The hill that I work on is a little over a quarter mile long, and has a 15% grade. (If you are in Newport and are looking for it, go to San Joaquin Hills Road between the Back Bay and Jamboree). My normal hill day is to run a two mile warm up, hill repeats and a one mile warm down. I jog on the downhill side to recover. Total mileage for six hill repeats is 6 miles.

I knew that this was going to be a tough workout, but I was prepared. I took each hill slow and steady, taking between two and a half and three minutes per hill. By repeat four I was spent. Just for good measure, on repeat 6, I set a new MHR - hitting 180 according to my Garmin!

I can always tell when I have left it all because my pace goes to crap afterwards, and in fact, my warm down was done at a 10:50 pace. Sure seemed like I was running faster, but it was all an illusion!

Today will be a 4 mile easy run. I'm going to mess with my Garmin so that I can watch my heart rate more easily and keep it at a 75% MHR max.

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