Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Long Run

I'm back after a couple of days. Dubious start to the beginning of a training program. I should have gone out for a run on Thursday evening, but after a 2 1/2 hour commute back from West L.A., I wasn't exactly in the frame of mind to hit the trails. So I bagged Thursday's run. Fridays are my normal rest day. That's why I've been missing for a couple of days.

Yesterday was long run day. On this half marathon plan, long runs aren't particularly long - yesterday was 9 miles. I think I max out at 12 miles a little later in the plan. The goal on these long runs is to keep my heart rate in a range of 73% to 83% of MHR - 130 to 147 bpm. I averaged a 142 yesterday - so right on target for the run. I did peak out over that rate over the last mile, but that is due in large part to climbing back up the hill to CDM.

Today is a 4 mile recovery run. Recovery in the Pfitzinger book means a heart rate of 75% or less of MHR, which means 135 bpm or less. I think I'll head out to Crystal Cove and enjoy a leisurely run along the beach!

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