Friday, October 31, 2008

Tempo Thursday

Yesterday was a 45 minute tempo run. I was able to get started in the late afternoon and finished before it got dark. I headed up the San Diego Creek trail. It was a warm windy run, which was surprising since we are supposed to have a storm blowing in. In fact, earlier in the morning, I drove through rain on my way to my appointment. I was a little surprised when it was in the upper 70's here near the ocean when I started my run around 4:30.

The run went fine. 10 minute warm up at 10:00, 25 minutes at average heart rate of 153 (max heart rate of 162), and a 10 minute warm down. A total of 4.6 miles. I was sucking wind toward the end of the 25 minutes at speed!

Today is a scheduled rest day. I need it!

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