Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just a Minute Here…

I’m shuffling my training around this week. It’s been unseasonably hot, humid, and stormy. We’re just not used to this type of stuff here in Southern California.

First off, on Sunday, I went to do my miles in the hills. I was greeted by 20 mph winds, a temperature of 63 degrees, and rain. Yes. Rain. In August. Very unusual.


I opted to put the run off until Monday. Then on Monday:

The weatherman was talking all weekend about the heat wave making it way into Southern California following our stormy weather. Well – it got here with a vengeance:


This was at the beach mind you – which means humidity up around 50% or so. All of this is so strange to us Southern Californians!

Well, I’ve been adjusting this week. Since it was still in the mid 80’s Tuesday evening, I moved my Tuesday run to Wednesday early AM, likewise will be moving Wednesday’s run to Thursday AM. And you can see that by Friday, things get back to normal around here. All the more reason to not move to Southern California.

This week’s plan:

  • Tuesday Wednesday: 3 miles
  • Wednesday Thursday: 4 miles
  • Thursday Friday: 3 miles
  • Saturday Sunday: 5 miles

Slowly but surely….


  1. This has been a humbling heat wave, for sure. Adjustments are warranted, Glenn.

  2. This heat makes me want to punch someone in the face.

    I skipped my Monday run due to that rain and the "holiday free pass", ha ha!

    And imagine being out here rather than the cushy beach...

  3. it's always stinkin' hot here so i am shocked when folks are hot other places too. lol! way to get out there!

  4. We had 90+ degree for like 8 solid straight weeks, so miserable to run in. The past couple days it's been heavenly in the low 70s and the mts even got snow already ... I wonder if the weather Gods are a little lost up there and got their seasons mixed up! Good job keeping up with the running though, even if you have to make adjustments!

  5. I'm actually getting used to running in the heat. I think it toughens me. LOL. Well, I'd much rather run in the heat than in the rain. MUCH.

  6. So happy you're surviving the heat and getting out there!

  7. I think the weather has been a bit weird all around. But you gotta revise accordingly. Have fun in the heat. I know we won't see it for too much longer. Take care.

  8. I am so sick of running in the heat. We were in the upper 80's all weekend here, which is 15 degrees above normal. Although they are promising lows in the upper 30's by Wednesday night. Brrrr!

    Good luck with you training, Glenn, and I hope you get some cooler weather!

  9. Nice going on the consistency!

    Ditto on the hot. The humid in the mix wasn't all that fun, either,

  10. We've been having some strange weather around here!