Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Next Day…

The waves weren’t quite as big, but the action was better!

Oh. And I did get out for a run in the evening….


  1. 6 real surfers! (i think. i kept forgetting what number i left off on) :) i mean body surfing is cool too, but real is better.

    one of them around 4:50 ish looked like he landed in shin deep water.

    anywho, cool video. the euro looked like he might be urinating.

  2. Awesome footage Glenn. One of my surfer friends told me that this weekend was one of the most amazing southern swells he's ever surfed in (he's 50+). I heard that south facing beaches were just epic.

    Euro made me laugh.

    Boogie boards and surf boards together make me nervous...

  3. hope i can run 5km non stop.. uhuhu.. am still pushing myself..

  4. Running and high surf - you have it all! And thanks so much for pointing out our cold weather - really looking forward to that coming back.... :(