Sunday, August 29, 2010

Now Even My Blogging is Inconsistent!

Yikes! The reason is because everything has kind of become boring and mundane in my running world these days. Wednesday I changed things up a little and actually ran part of my scheduled three miles on the sand at Crystal Cove State Beach. Which meant that I had a situation with a 100 foot staircase that I had to climb to get back to the top of the bluff. Yikes!

Running Crystal Cove 8-25-2010, Elevation - Distance

Total miles? 3.6. Pace? The staircase didn’t help.

As mentioned on Monday, I had a schedule conflict on Thursday, so I swapped my Thursday tempo run with my Friday rest day. So, on Friday I embarked on a 45 minute tempo run along the lower Back Bay. It was kind of a meh run. I’m still fighting to get my conditioning back to where it used to be. Patience grasshopper. The final verdict was a rather craptastic 4.6 miles. Hey. I’ll take it at this point.

On the weight front – it doesn’t look like I’ll be changing my blog name soon (for that story – check out this post). Part of the issue is just a lower activity level (as you all have been hearing my whining for several weeks now). The other part are the AYCE* joints I’ve been frequenting. For example, on Friday, my son convinced my wife and I to try out some new cuisine for our palates – Korean BBQ. If you’ve not had Korean BBQ before, it’s kind of a unique set up. Imagine a big table with a hot plate in the middle. The staff delivers a bunch of plates with various types of picked and fresh vegetables, some dipping sauces, and then the highlight of the meal – meat! Well marbled beef brisket. Marinated beef. Thinly sliced chicken breast. Pork belly. *All you can eat. The meat is delivered. You cook it up on your table, and then chow down! Delicious!

IMG_0466 IMG_0464 IMG_0465If you are in the Irvine area, and are looking for delicious Korean BBQ, I’d highly recommend Shi Do Rak.  Very highly rated on Yelp.


  1. Sand and stairs make a nice change of pace, and an excellent workout. Maybe toss it into the mix every couple weeks to alleviate boredom.

    Korean BBQ is good too. Mmmmm. You can always eat more veg than meat, you know. :-) Like other Asian cuisine, there are all sorts of dishes heavy on the veg. Mmmm. Soups. Mmmm.

  2. Korean BBQ- yum! Those stairs look killer!

  3. YUM! (I try to stay away from the AYCE places...since I will eat all I can), but next time I'm in Irvine? I think I know where I'll be going!

  4. Just remember, the more you run (or row) the more you can eat!

    It is a pain to track calories in AYCE.

    Never give up!

  5. I know where that restaurant is too but I've never been. I don't need to get myself in more trouble with yet another AYCE place. My hunger meter gets broken when I step into places like that. I can not be trusted. Don't worry too much about the running. Sometimes, we have to enjoy life and the AYCE places that come our way.

  6. If I tried to run and then tackle those stairs I know what would happen. .... foot would not lift up enough, foot would hit stair, face would hit stair. So kudos to you!

  7. I love Korean BBQ! Glenn, I don't know if I've mentioned to you. You get a $25 gift certificate for $10 in a worst-case scenario. There are always promotional codes, though. Right now CLEARANCE will get you 80 percent off that price, so it's $2 for a $25 gift certificate. The thing to be careful about, though, is sometimes the rules are a pain. For instance: At the takeout pizza joint near me, there's an 18 percent tip added to the bill. I know there are some Korean BBQ places on there.

  8. Looks like you went for a swim there too
    briefly at mile 1.75. We'll call it a duathlon :)

    Who wouldve thought that paying to prepare your own food would be such a hit? Does look and sound good though...

  9. I'm so glad you had a good run with some exciting stairs! Heh.

    Mmm...Korean bbq. So tasty.

  10. Oh, that food looks good!

    Stairs? Woah. I need to be doing those.