Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How a Cheapskate Rolls

Yesterday’s run was brought to you compliments of gasoline prices here in Southern California:


I hoofed it over to the local Supercuts to get a haircut – just over 4 miles round trip. Hopefully the hairdresser wasn’t too grossed out by some sweaty fat guy plopping down in the chair.

On the calorie front:


  • Goal: 1530
  • Consumed: 1634
  • Exercise: 129 (walked a mile with my wife)
  • Too few/(too many): 25


  • Goal: 1530
  • Consumed: 2184
  • Exercise: 585
  • Too few/(too many): (69)


  1. The hairdresser is a real trooper. If I tried that at our Supercuts I think they would throw me out!

  2. walking to/from the haircut was a briliant way to work off some calories

  3. Fuel prices here in South Africa are ridiculously high. I literately have to plan my away races so that we don't waist too much money on just getting there.

  4. Whew, way to save money, get exercise, and get your hair(s) cut (and gross someone out too, lol). I don't know what happened to gas prices... I don't fill for a while and then... yikes!