Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back on the Ergometer

This three day a week rest/cross train is strange. I'm not used to not having to make a decision about where to run. I'm not used to just rolling into the garage and sitting on a machine. At least it's not a treadmill! Although the machine I use gives Lindsay cold sweats (inside joke - she rowed in college. Lindsay - my daughter reacts the same way).

I was back on the ergometer yesterday for a quick 30 minute workout. I did a series of 2 minutes on, 2 minutes rest pieces for 6.1 kilometers total. Then followed everything with about 50 crunches before calling it a night.

Today I'm out on the trails for 8 miles at general aerobic pace. And just so I'm not setting the wrong perception that a "trail" is a dirt track in the wilderness - here is an "Orange County trail" :


  1. That trail looks like a bike path...well at least there aren't any cars! Have you been on a rowing machine? Any machine for exercise kinda wigs me out!!! I'd much rather get out there in nature but I am one of those hippie nature peeps-the healthy hippie type....

  2. Looks like a nice "trail", even without the dirt. I think I'll try the rowing machine at the gym today. Cross training is so important but just not as much fun. Keep going! You're doing great! :D

  3. wow...sure you don't need some special trail shoes for that bad boy?

    Good luck with the 8's. Don't be like me and be sure to save a little something for the strides.

  4. That looks like a lot of the trails by me.

    Hey, any good places to run near Fashion Island? I've got a conference in that area coming up.

  5. apparently in kentucky that would be a "track". no, sorry, that's the (usually) rubber-surface that's 200m around, typically found around a high school football field.

    i think i'd have a hard time holding myself accountable to the running days! but, maybe since it's not the same old same old, it doesn't ever become a 'drag' to head out. i'm sure you will keep your dedication.

    i may not hop on an erg anytime soon but i can come stand in front of you and yell... that was always my favorite part about (indoor) practice. short, skinny girls getting all the same benefits as you and never have to actually workout, just yell. yeah seems fair. hope your 8 miler went well!

  6. You took that picture just before you ran past those cyclists, right?

  7. seriously why do I always think Trail is a dirt path! Oh well! Hope the run went well!!

  8. You make the ERG sound so tempting-- Maybe I'll hop on one after my Half.

    Is that the water to the left of your "trail"-- nice!