Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recovery Day

Yesterday was a short recovery day. Went out and finished four slow miles on the lower Back Bay. If I had doubts that I could run on Tuesday, I should have had similar doubts for the same reasons yesterday. Ten miles of hiking Monday along with a hard eight mile workout Tuesday had left me limping and shuffling yesterday. I toyed with rescheduling, but I figured since it was supposed to be a slow, easy run, I would be better to get it over with and keep my Friday free. After all, the purpose of the recovery run is to help with recovery, right?

Well, it took a little longer to get all the kinks and soreness worked out, but in the end I put in the four miles. Put in really easy miles at an average pace of 10:15. Average heart rate was 73% of max. I'm none the worse for wear. I have some lingering muscle soreness, but nothing seems to be pulled/strained. All systems are go!

I actually made it to the gym last night and finished up my day with stretching and core/ab work. I've added leg lifts to my workout. Great. Another set of sore muscles....

Today's schedule is an eight mile general aerobic run. That means another CDM to Crystal Cove run. Woo hoo!


  1. Ahh sore muscles!! I have a BS in EE. I found there were a few more jobs for EE majors than ME majors. Most of my friends left the state and found jobs.

  2. Good work! Sore muscles from working out = GOOD! :D

  3. OK-- you have to let me know how the leg workouts go.

    I have taken your advice and started lifting weights a bit more frequently to strengthen my core (chest, arms, abs) but I'm avoiding the legs. I was hoping running works the leg muscles enough-- please tell me thats true!!! I HATE Leg weight training.

  4. don't "they" say the soreness is worse on day 2? i think that's what i've heard anyway... the easy run should've helped continue flush out the toxins in your muscles and hopefully you are less sore today.

  5. I agree with Lindsay. The easy run should help flush the toxins out. Just drink plenty of water too! Not that I need to remind you, oh Running wise man.

    Hey! "The running wise man". There's your new title. LOL. You have to admit that it fits. You're always doling out useful advice to running newbies and experts alike.