Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rest Day - Time to Answer Questions

Good morning folks. I'm feeling much better today than yesterday. Who knows, maybe by tomorrow I'll head back out for some running. I thought I would spend today's blog answering some of the questions I've received over the last couple of days. Kind of like delayed Q&A.

AKA Alice (Hefferblog) points out that I have Mojo Nixon on my playlist. I hope you don't hold that against me! In fact, Mojo is probably the only reason I still have Sirius radio. He's one of the hosts on Outlaw Country every day. Since the XM merger, Sirius has really gone downhill. I'm contemplating whether I'm going to renew my subscription. Oh - you should see the other Mojo songs that didn't make it to the HM playlist....

Girl on Top (Girl on Top) asks: "Is it bad if I don't know any of your songs?" Man - you are way too young girl. Stop making me feel old.

Lindsay (Chasing the Kenyans) asks: "umm. butthole surfers?" Yup. I've always been a little out there with my "musical" taste. I started listening to them after Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) became a fan back in the early 1980s. How can someone with the name Jello Biafra be wrong? Plus, I *do* live in Southern California.

Along the same lines, Ms. V (Gymnotes) asks: "Detachable Penis?" Yeah. Fortunately it's not mine. Plus how can a song go wrong if it's about someone who wakes up with a hangover to find his penis is missing? (P.S. - he does find it over on Second Avenue by St. Marks Place. And he's able to negotiate a $5 discount to buy it back).

Anne (Run DMZ) asks: "And so, did this playlist that ends with a wacky Frank Zappa tune get you to the end in the time you needed? And were you smiling because of the song or the clock -- or both?" It got me there. And I'm not a muffin.

Patrick (My New Life on the Run) asks: "How are you feeling these couple of days after the race? Where does it still hurt? " Today I feel pretty good. I think I could run tonight, but I need a mental break. The pain Sunday and Monday was, umm, interesting. My calves cramped as soon as I stopped moving. I found a chair and took the load off for a few minutes and was able to hobble around. But, after my post race nap I could barely move. Basically everything from my lower abs down felt like I had been hit by a car. I don't think I was that sore even after my marathon last spring. By yesterday the pain had subsided somewhat to my hip adductors and groins (both sides). It was real difficult to get up out of a chair and move laterally. Today though, I am feeling pretty much back to normal. The only thing I suffered were sore muscles. Nothing more serious than that.

Brian (A Runner's Blog) says: "Your lack of memory during mile 12 reminds me of my half marathon in January. I remember cresting a hill and passing the 11 mile sign near a water station. Then, I remember passing the 12 mile sign just before entering Epcot. I have little memory of what happened in between. I was possibly abducted by aliens, LOL." Oh yeah? Looks who's laughing now (just kidding). It was the strangest thing though. I remember seeing the clock at mile 11 and doing some pace calculations (yes folks, I really am a nerd. My nickname in elementary school was the Walking Encyclopedia. It's bad when your teachers make up the nickname). But, I can't tell you if the marker was on the trail or on the street. I remeber thinking that I could still hit 2:05, but was going to have to string together 2 eight minute miles. Next thing I know I was on the street (means within a mile and a half or so of the finish) going up hill over an overpass. I remember looking ahead and thinking "right turn left turn uphill finish." Then Charlie showed up and I came back to my senses.

Finally, Ms V (Gymnotes) asks: "Didn't I remember you had another race with the perspiration?" Yeah. That was my marathon. But, if you see me on a normal training run you would think I've been carrying a swimming pool on my back. Basically, the garden hose variety perspiration is my body telling me that it has reached lactate threshold - that point where my body starts anerobic metabolism. I have enough experience now to recognize what is happening and to start increasing my fluid intake. On my marathon last June was I didn't know what was going on, didn't increase fluid intake, and suffered greatly for it.

In all seriousness folks, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of my running "career". Each of you motivates me each day - not only to run, but to make lemonade. Some of you I've had the pleasure of meeting. The rest - I'm going to make it a goal to physically meet each of you at a race somewhere across the US someday. Thanks again!


  1. Thanks for the answers!! You really are helping me in my training for my half marathon.

    Glad to hear your soreness is going away.

  2. I, like you, look like I've been swimming when I've been running. So don't feel alone!

    And I've heard of the Dead Kennedys but never listened to them! LOL, sorry, I don't mean to be like Kaolee and make you feel old.


  3. Great post - an excellent use of your rest day.

  4. Hahahahaha...I LOVED your playlist. I probably have some of Mojo's other songs on my playlist..if for no other reason, they make me laugh. I actually know some of the people he talks/sings about in "Bodie's Parking Lot." In other words, no I won't hold it against you, but now hold you in even higher regard.

    Glad that you're feeling better and congrats again on a great race!

  5. I learn more from you than you can imagine. You are SO helpful. I may employ the more hydration thingy. Someone said to me last night, that I might have had some heat exhaustion on my half. I too think I was abducted.

  6. glad you were productive on your day off and thanks for the insight on your life :) i'm with kaolee... i didn't know your music selections either, but the band names were pretty interesting to say the least! hope the legs are ready to start churning again soon!