Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 2 Wrap Up

Week 2 wrapped with a 4 mile recovery run. I finally made it to the gym last night for some stretching and core work. Final stats for the week: 33.3 miles running, 7.6 miles rowing. I need to mention two other items of note. This past week I've been really fatigued. I've also been having trouble sleeping well at night. These are some classic signs of over training.

I'll keep an eye out and probably slow myself down this week. I'm only demonstrating two of the seven classic signs of over training. Other signs include increased resting heart rate, frequent colds, weight loss, impaired racing and training times, slow recovery from training, and a loss of enthusiasm for running. So far I haven't seen any of those (although I wouldn't mind the weight loss), so I'm not too concerned *yet*.

Plan for this week is another step up in the mileage column:

Monday: Rest day/cross train (probably going out for a hike)
Tuesday: 8 miles (4 mile GA, 4 mi HMP (Half Marathon Pace))
Wednesday: 4 mile recovery, gym for stretching and core
Thursday: 8 miles GA
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 13 mile long run
Sunday: 4 mile recovery

Total miles: 37. Whew!


  1. Hi there - sounds like you'll be needing those rest days... you don't want those other over training signs to start getting ticked off...

    Have a great week!

  2. hmmm i couldn't seem to wake up all weekend... (fatigue, overtraining?) i'm assuming/hoping i was just worn out from the past 2 weeks of working non-stop, squeezing in runs, and not sleeping a whole lot. hopefully it's not overtraining for either of us!

    hope you had a great memorial day hike/xt. :)

  3. Fatigue and sleeping poorly. Aren't those also signs of old age? hee hee

    Seriously, take it easy. Don't want you to get sick!