Friday, December 21, 2012

I've Lost Count

Yesterday was fly day. I thought it was either my 78th or 80th flight this year. I'd lost count.
I had to go back to my Marriott profile to find out that I have 112 nights in a hotel bed this year. At 3 nights per week, let's see, that's ... 37.3333 weeks. So, it's actually either trip 74 or 76.

Similar on the food front. I got home around 9PM and had a home cooked food dinner. Then I failed to log.  I tried to reconstruct this morning. I *hope* I got it right....

Calorie Budget:
  • Goal: 1780 calories
  • Food: 1840
  • Exercise: 0
  • Too few/(too many): (60) give or take a couple hundred
This really points out the importance of keeping a log and doing it timely. At least if you are an old fart subject to short term memory loss!

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