Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Tuesday

Is it really only Tuesday? Good news on a number of fronts today. I got three miles in this evening. Only on the treadmill, but better than the alternative (thank goodness I‘ve already seen the episodes of Storage Wars that ran tonight). The really good news is that AT&T released Jelly Bean for my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone today. The internet speed at my hotel really blows, but I was able to download and finish the upgrade about half an hour ago (after starting before I hit the treadmill). So…..

Calorie budget:

  • Goal: 1780
  • Food: 1755
  • Exercise: –577   (3 miles at Running Fat Guy weight)
  • Net: 1198
  • Too few/(too many): 582  (Where’s the ice cream tonight?)

… off to play with Google Now.


  1. And now it is already Wednesday and here by me it is nearly over.

  2. I finally got a smartphone, the S III being in my top contenders. Finally went to the dark iSide because of size and complaints about dropped calls. Anyway, I'm trying to stick to my goal of running more than 4 miles a week, ha ha. Looks like we're both on an uptick!