Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Week in the Books

Yesterday wrapped another week on my quest to get fitter and slimmer. Hopefully I'm getting fitter (ha ha!). I ended the week with an enjoyable 14 mile run yesterday (honestly - I'm not being facetious). The seasons are changing too. Unlike most of my early morning runs the past couple of months, the sun was out in full force by 8:30 or so. I ended up downing about 70 ounces of water on and immediately following the run. And I was thirsty the rest of the day to boot.

Final stats for yesterday's run - 14.25 miles at an average pace of 10:30 and an average heart rate of 73% of max. Total for the week - 40.5 miles.

This week is a step back week in the plan. On the schedule:

Monday: Rest. I may try to dust off the erg and do a little rowing this evening.
Tuesday: 7 miles GA with 10 X 100 stride outs
Wednesday: Rest. I will dust off the erg and get some rowing in.
Thursday: 9 miles GA
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 11 miles medium long run
Sunday: 5 mile recovery. Then to the gym for some stretching and core work.
Total: 32 miles

I also started looking - there are 16 weeks left to the Long Beach Marathon. So, it's time to make up my mind - Full or Half?


  1. Great mileage this past week! Last week was a step back week for me too but it ended up only being 2 miles less than the week before that! But I am only averaging 20 mile weeks right now cause I dont want to build up too quick!

    I am not the one to ask about half or full. I don't even know if I will do a full.

  2. The half is much more popular -- and a great course. Mostly flat, scenic, etc. The full can get lonely, although it's also gaining in popularity. I think both are good choices, though there's a big difference in training for a full.

  3. great followup week to all the traveling! i can only hope you'll get the erg out in my honor. :)

    16 weeks til the race, and you are already doing 14 mile long runs! in my opinion: if you do the half - you'd be in seriously good shape for a pr, hello you're already running further than 13.1 regularly! if you're doing the full, you have plenty of time to continue building your long runs to get in a few 20+/ish mile runs, and toe the line in great fitness. which do you want to pr in more? :)

  4. Nice week, Glenn. With the kind of base mileage you are running now, I say go for the full at Long Beach. I have no doubts you would be well prepared!

  5. Lindsay is right. I maxed out at 15 mile long runs for the half last year and had a great race. Aerobically you're in good shape now. You might want to add some threshold pace runs into your weeks and go for a half PR.

    On the other hand, you're already running 14 mile long runs, so why not just ramp it up for a full marathon?

    If you've got the time for the extra miles, I'd go for the full. It's easier to run a half on a whim, but a full marathon takes much more dedication. You're already well on your way.

  6. Thanks for your encouragement Glenn- I appreciate it. Wow- I can't get over how far you can run. I'd probably go for the half based on Anne's recommendation. Christine

  7. Great runs and a very impressive weekly total.

    Why not go for both the half and the whole?