Sunday, June 14, 2009

PR Race streak comes to an End

I've got to admit. I'm spoiled. It seems that every time I race I set a new PR. Well, the streak came to an end yesterday.

The race was the Magic Shoe 5K. This is the 20th year this race has been run, but this year it relocated from Irvine to Newport Beach. The new course is definitely a PR course. It runs a flat, wide open course. The only "hill" is about a quarter mile long and *maybe* 20 feet of climb. In other words - it's barely noticeable. Another big plus? Chip timed! Yes! A chip timed 5K! All those factors can lead to every possible PR opportunity.

But for me it wasn't to be. My last run was a 9 mile GA on Thursday that left me tired and aching. I did take Friday off, but I was still tired and stiff Saturday morning. I tried to get my body moving by taking an easy one mile warm up jog. Last weekend (Wrigley River 10K), I was able to slow way down for mile 3, regroup, and then push again for the last couple of miles to recover to a PR. A 5K though is too short to let up and as hard as I tried, I just was not able to push through mile 2. With the slowdown, so went the PR chance.

My goal was to break 25 minutes. To do that, I was going to need to average 8:05 and push pretty hard. I was going to use the same strategy that worked the last time (Costa Mesa Community Run) - go out a little faster than goal for mile 1, settle in behind someone running at pace for mile 2, and then push through mile 3 to the finish. . Mile 1 went great - 8:02. Mile 2 though - well - things kind of fell apart. It started with a side stitch about half a mile in. I had to pull up and try to get that under control. Okay done. Next, my legs had had it. Further slowdown required. Result was a slow 8:43. And by then I was dust. I pushed through mile 3 in an 8:41 and the final .1 in an 8:28 pace. Bottom line - chip time 26:03, 8:22 pace. That's 40 seconds slower that a couple months ago. But - I am satisfied. I am running 25% more miles now, I haven't been on a track for six weeks, and rest before the race was minimal.

The best thing about this race - check out the goodie bag:

More real stuff and fewer fliers!

This wraps up my racing schedule for the season. Since last October, I've run 3 5Ks, 5 10Ks, and 2 Half Marathons. I pushed through some minor injuries in December and January. I've watched my weekly mileage climb from the mid 20s to the low 40's. But, best of all, I'm still having fun and still enjoying my daily treks on the paths of Orange County! In fact, I'm off now for a 14 mile long run! Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Hey at least you were able to get out there and run! I've been sick all week and haven't run since monday!

    You probably are tired!!! but you're still going out for a 14 miler? Hmmmm Glenn, not too tired then!

  2. Well...I hate to say it, but you can't set that PR every time. Once you get to where you are, I would think it's just harder and harder to do. Nice RR - I just love the fact that after you tell us all about your race you just casually mention you're "off now for a 14 mile long run"! Oh how I want to be there NOW! I'm glad you're having fun still, too.
    BTW - thanks for all your kind comments and support on my blog - it really means alot to me!

  3. Too bad about no PR. I have gotten those side stiches and they really hurt sometimes! The goody bag looks awesome though!

  4. Ah, the old condundrum of training for both speed and endurance. As someone's already said, They can't all be PRs or there'd be no glory when you do run faster than ever.

  5. What a great goody bag!

    Good for you for getting out there today -- and your streak of PRs was bound to stop eventually. Although it's no fun when it does.

  6. those side stitches can be killer. i certainly don't think you are in worse shape now than you were at your last 5k! at least you still ran hard and pushed through the stitch - i really hate those. hope your long run went well!

  7. yeah..PRs wouldn't be so much fun if we did them all the time...right? (OK. I'm lying, a PR at every race would be pretty fantastic!)

    5K is just the toughest a sprint, but still some endurance involved.

    You'll get it next time!

  8. Now it's my turn to apologize for the double comment. You actually didn't seem mean at all in my comments field -- you hit the nail of the head. Although my 5K time wasn't really a true "race pace" (it was just slightly faster than my practice runs -- intentionally), it brought me into reality -- and that's not always pleasant.

  9. Sorry for the lack of a PR, but you certainly seem like you have had your share :) - at least for right now. There is always next time!

    Keep up the good work!

  10. wow nice swag! and way to get out there and run, PR or not. :)