Monday, June 1, 2009

Wrapping Up the Week

With my 4 mile recovery run, I wrapped another week in the history of the Running Fat Guy. Final stats for the week: 37 miles running and 10 miles walking. This also wraps May. I ended up running fewer days than last (11 days off compared to 9 days off in April), but putting in more miles (142 compared to 136). The fatigue that I started the week with seems to be gone as well. A couple nights of extra sleep and a couple days of pigging out seemed to do the trick! I'm not sure that I did the weight loss thing any justice, but I'm feeling a whole lot better than I was on Monday.

This also wraps up four months of consistent running. Since my groin strain back in December and recovery in January, I've been able to remain pretty consistent with my running. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that I slowly came back. If I look at my training progress over the last few months, I've doubled my January mileage, but it was a slow build over a couple of months.
(In fact, now that I'm looking at the graph - check out that doubling of miles between August and September. Hmm. Maybe my groin strain was well deserved.)
I'm feeling pretty good about where this training is leading. I've dropped 10 pounds since the beginning of the year. I need to get my night time snacking back under control to work on the other 10 pounds on my goals for this year. I'm going to knock on wood here so that I can keep the streak alive.
This week's plan includes more base build and a 10K race:

Monday: Rest day. No cross training since I'm on a plane to East Texas
Tuesday: 8 miles GA. Wrap it up with 10X100 stride outs.
Wednesday: 5 mile recovery
Thursday: 9 miles GA
Friday: Rest day.
Sunday: 14 mile long run.
Total planned: 42.2 miles (new mileage record if I get it).

The catch this week is that I am getting on a plane today for a short business trip to Texas. In the past, I've always used my travel time as extra rest days. But I am eager to continue base building. So I'm going to try to get my run in Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully there will be a running path close to my hotel. That would be pretty prime. Maybe 4 miles on a trail and four miles on a treadmill. I'll have to play it by ear.

Finally, I want to apologize to my readers if some of these blogs sound like I'm full of myself. Being a male, I'm not good at things like keeping a diary (heck - as long as the Dodgers and Lakers are winning and the Stanley Cup is on TV, who cares about anything else?). So, I end up using my blog here as my diary. It's actually kind of neat to go back and check my old blogs to see how things are progressing (or not).

Hope that this week is good and injury free for all of you out there! And San Diego Rock n' Roll runners - take some time off! You all deserve it!


  1. Wow -- lots of miles!

    I enjoy reading the diary aspect and hearing about your training. I understand that it's documentation of your workouts, and you're an example to me. So I like it.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss and increasing your mileage.

    You will have to let us know how it went finding a trail in E. Texas. It must be very hot there this time of year.

    I also love your diary/blog and don't think you're "full" of yourself at all. I know, You've helped beginners like me train better and harder.

  3. If I don't go up north to run the PCTR 25K with Jo Lynn, I'm going to run the Wrigley River Run...

  4. Have fun in Texas!!! Great mileage!

  5. I was looking back at my running log before I hurt my hip flexor and i saw that maybe the injury was deserved as I hadn't taken enough rest. We live, we learn. I have trouble with the nighttime snacking too! I just seem to become ravenous for food at about 9pm!!

  6. You don't sound full of yourself at all! And why shouldn't you be proud of DOUBLING your mileage in four months! Indeed - for training hard for 4 months?

    Well done!

    Good luck with that other 10lbs. You'll do it no probs.

  7. i've never gotten the impression that you were being full of yourself, so keep on keeping on :) always sounds like your thoughts on your progress, life, workouts, etc.

    hope you are able to find some trails while traveling! i usually check to see if any routes in the area are posted on mapmyrun and usatf websites, if you wanted to try that?

  8. I'm following your lead, Glenn, and hope to be pulling down those kinds of miles by the end of the year.