Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Building Some More Miles

After Sunday's 15 miler, yesterday's rest day was a welcome respite. Last week wrapped up right on plan. 43 miles running, 6.2 kilometers on the erg. I'm now in a new realm. 43 miles a week and growing. I am beginning to understand the real importance of rest and recovery. It's pretty amazing to think about where I was two short years ago (answer: on the couch watching TV thinking about doing something to get in shape).

This week is the last week in the endurance phase of my training plan. On the plan this week:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 9 miles GA, wrap with 10 X 100 stride outs
Wednesday: 5 mile recovery, some time in the gym
Thursday: 9 miles GA
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: 16 mile long run
Sunday: 5 mile recovery

Total plan: 44 miles

Beginning next week I get to stress my body a little more by adding some lactate threshold training. Woo hoo! In my last training cycle, LT training did more to improve my speed than anything else. Pfitzinger must agree, because according to him, this is the most important phase of training. I glanced ahead and expected to see tempo runs. But, I see a lot of training at Half Marathon Pace, Marathon Pace, and on the track. Looks like I'll be spending some time in the books to understand how these pace runs and intervals are helping my LT!

I'll be down at Crystal Cove today for my 9 mile general aerobic run!


  1. Great week of running! I'm actually quite jealous of your 40+ week. I look forward to reading about how the half-marathon pace and marathon pace help your LT. I'm guessing there will be some fratlek-style runs with several minutes straight of half-marathon pace during a longer run? Maybe? OK, I could be way off...so obvi. looking forward to hearing about it! :)

  2. Enjoy the last week of GA running. It's my last week too! I always find myself looking forward to some speed workouts to break up the monotony of many miles at easy pace. Then after about a week of speed training, I realize how nice those easy runs were.

  3. You run so many miles per week and still adding to them. Great work.

  4. nice job on all the miles glenn! you are really racking it up! I am super impressed that after everything you still got in your 15 too! :)

  5. Wow. That's it...just Wow....Christine

  6. I'm looking forward to reading about how LT workouts do workout for you!

  7. The rest days do help a lot!

    I like your plan.

  8. take full advantage of the last all-easy week! i've really come to love my easy runs, though sometimes i wish they didn't take so long :)