Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Decisions decisions

That was the question I posed here and on Twitter yesterday. The votes are still coming in. Right now the full marathon votes are leading.

I am getting a lot of great arguments, pro and con. Several of you point out that I'm already putting in 14 mile long runs and could ramp it up and get a couple of 20 milers in by the time the October date comes around. Several of you also point out that at my current mileage base, I should be in good shape for a half. A couple point out that the marathon I am eyeing (Long Beach) is a beautiful Half, but is pretty lonely out there after the half/full split. A couple of tweeters actually pointed out that it costs me less per mile to run a full than a half (love that one!).

Thanks for all the thoughts and ideas! Keep 'em coming in! Being an Engineer, I respond well to logic, and all of you are making great, logical points. I am really absolutely undecided at this point. On the one hand, it would be great to try to break the magical two hour mark in the half. On the other hand, I've only run one marathon and feel like I have a score to settle. Decisions, decisions.

For right now, I'm going to continue ramping my mileage. When I started ramping, I chose the Pfitz 24/55 marathon training plan. It wasn't so much to be on a marathon plan, but it seemed a great, structured way to build my mileage to the 50 mpw threshold. It also gave me the flexibility to go either way once I make a decision. I'm six weeks into that plan with six more weeks remaining on this mesocycle (endurance phase). There are 18 weeks left on the plan, with 16 weeks until the marathon. That means I have four weeks until I need to make a decision so I can adjust the plan accordingly. Decisions, decisions. I think I'll procrastinate some more.

Yesterday's workout can be summed in one word. Nonexistent. I decided that as tired as I've been the last couple of weeks, I really could use the rest and recovery.

On the schedule today - 7 miles GA with 10 100 yard stride outs. I'm travelling for a dinner appointment, so it looks like I'll get to check out some new running turf this afternoon!


  1. I totally vote marathon.

    Because Ive never done one :)

  2. Run the marathon, because I'll be running the marathon. How's that for logic? :D

  3. I would think that the great thing about doing a schedule that works up to a particular result is actually making it there.
    Besides a full marathon sounds so awesome. I am currently prepping for a half, with the idea of doing a whole somewhere next year.

  4. Sorry for the delay on this-- But I say go for the HALF!

    You've already been building up your strength and, more importantly, speed during your current training, don't you think? Why not pick a race to allow all of that work to pay off.

    Plus-- a half marathon will leave you with more time and energy to party afterwards and celebrate your sub 2 hr PR!

  5. i can barely make decisions for myself, so good luck with this one :) there are definitely good arguments in both directions. whichever way you choose, you'll certainly be able to tackle the 'other' goal next!

  6. Aw, good luck with your decision! I'd give you some advice but right now I'm happy to run a single mile without pain so the concept of a marathon is difficult to comprehend.

  7. Even though you haven't decided yet I have a 'sense' that you will leaning towards the FULL marathon. Whatever you choose I'll be enamored because I can't even run a freaking 5K yet! Christine